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The water trails left behind by melted snow

the melted trails left behind by snow

the water trails left behind by forgotten snow

the puddles left by trailed snow

the puddles pooling after melted snow

My breath fans out like walking through clouds

my breath disappears like cigarette smoke

my breath steams the air to a higher plane

my breath exits my mouth to form clouds

my breath is the fog

my breath contributes to the clouds

We are walking down a slippery slope

there is a slippery slope

that is a slipper slope we are falling down

before us lies a slippery slope and we must climb

slipper slopes are similar to slippery slopes

all my love
i give to you
so let it drown
in beats or two
upon this ample brow
i bestow a clue
cleaved in the middle
of a lovestruck child
but how
with winter’s fading
duly noticed chilling
clings to bare limbs
and fall gracelessly
to the pavement
on shattered shins

untitled #6

on broken wings we fly
as our kisses shiver and ignite
the passion we have long siphoned away
into money bags pressed into banks
holding out for that last hit
of burning smoke
and lightheaded sensations
these fingers help me find my way
along the coldest shores
grasping at the time that slips
through the cracks to land
softly without sound
as the moon shines on









Must reblog

dear god.

 …. this is so sad.

This brought tears to my eyes.

It’s one of the reasons when I see someone needy in the streets,I always gove them half of what I have.

this is so touching.

This made me cry.

Must watch

i actually cried


i never cry at these types of things, but this legitimately made me tear up

this is so touching

People like that are the reason why I have hope in society.

so touching.


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