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The water trails left behind by melted snow

the melted trails left behind by snow

the water trails left behind by forgotten snow

the puddles left by trailed snow

the puddles pooling after melted snow

My breath fans out like walking through clouds

my breath disappears like cigarette smoke

my breath steams the air to a higher plane

my breath exits my mouth to form clouds

my breath is the fog

my breath contributes to the clouds

We are walking down a slippery slope

there is a slippery slope

that is a slipper slope we are falling down

before us lies a slippery slope and we must climb

slipper slopes are similar to slippery slopes

My first blog was named “Variations on a Theme”. I say was because then I changed it. It wasn’t really my first blog, but it was the first blog I decided to take seriously. I still have it.Shameless advertising here. But recently I encountered the phrase Variations on a Theme again and I remembered how much I liked it. Obviously I did because I named my blog after it. But I can’t remember where I got it. Perhaps the classical song of the same name? Perhaps in a quote similar to the one I saw somewhere yesterday. Regardless, now I am tempted to rename this blog here and change it into Variations on a Theme. Resurrection. So, should I?

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